Every sack we sell includes a team of engineers, technicians and field analysts equipped to deliver unlimited high-quality service and value on every well.
ZERO CONFLICT™ Pricing & Service Delivery

What sets us apart from other fluid companies is not the “mud” – it’s the unrivalled service and value we provide customers through our ZERO CONFLICT™ Pricing & Service Delivery policy. Horizon’s Zero Conflict policy incorporates a “fair profit” pricing structure that enables our team to extend unlimited service to customers in the execution of every project while ensuring that project costs remain at a minimum level.

Our goal is simple. Zero Conflict™. Successful outcomes. 100% of the time.

We aren’t simply a fluid supplier, we are a true partner.

At Horizon, we are able to channel the experience of drilling over 19,000 wells into each and every project to ensure success.

Hand-in-hand with our extensive experience comes a unique capacity to dedicate as many engineers, support technicians and field analysts as needed in order to complete a “successful” project for our customers.

The Horizon Anatomy of Success

  • Lowest Possible Project Cost.
  • Highest Possible Efficiency (Less Days On The Rig)
  • Lowest Possible Product Usage In The Industry
  • Most Satisfied Customers In The Industry, Every Time
At the end of the day, the measure of our success is yours.